The RMP travel team leaves for Nepal in the coming days! Two of our members, Jon Monson and Jonny Ernster, will be collecting design-level data on two candidate spring source protection sites, one of which will be selected to be designed and implemented over the coming year. Team members Doug DeVoto and Will Nabours will oversee the implementation of the Karka Dhara spring source protection site on behalf of the EWB-CU Boulder Student Chapter. The student chapter designed the site alongside our partner NGO, however due to University travel restrictions following the earthquake, the students are not allowed to travel. The community is ready to move forward with the implementation, so RMP is helping to oversee and mentor the work. 

These guys have put in lots of hard work and long hours to bring both the assessment and implementation trips to fruition, especially given the added travel challenges following the recent earthquakes in Nepal. Thank you travel team for all your hard work, and we're looking forward to updates during your trip! Safe travels, fellows!

RMP would also like to extend a big thank you to the student chapter and their professional mentors for coordinating the implementation of Karka Dhara on their end. And of course, THANK YOU to everyone who has donated or attended an RMP event, because YOU make these trips possible!