During the March 2018 trip to complete the implementation of the water system at the community of Sumal Grande, the RMP travel team had the opportunity to visit the nearby community of Xexuxcap.  Xexuxcap is a community of about 330 houses, with a small grid of streets located in the mountains about 10km from the regional municipality of Nebaj, Guatemala.

With the project at Sumal Grande wrapping up, the RMP team was interested in visiting other communities that we may be able to help.  Diego, our in-country counterpart, believes that Xexuxcap is a good fit, in that they have similar needs to that which we had successfully addressed in Sumal Grande.  Xexuxcap has an existing potable water system fed from a single spring source, but the the system is aging and requires enhancement to support the growing community.  A number of houses, especially in the highest sector of the community, do not have a reliable supply of water.  The community has purchased a new spring source and is looking for help in connecting this new source into their existing system.

During our visit to Xexuxcap, the RMP team was able to visit the new spring source and walk the existing water system, including the existing spring-catchment structure, and two distribution tanks.  We were able to measure the water flow at the new spring, and take a number of GPS survey points throughout the area.

The RMP team is working hard to complete our assessment of the Xexuxcap project this summer, in order to be ready to return to the community and  implement a solution in the Spring of 2019.