In partnership with with local Boulder dancers and the Maji Safi Group, Engineers Without Borders RMP participated in Global Water Dances: an international, biennial day of free outdoor engagements around the world that raise awareness of local and global water issues through performance and education. Artists, engineers, and international health educators helped to plan this unique, multidisciplinary event that was part performance and part workshop. The event flowed through each of the group's contributions in dance, word, song, discussion, information, activity, and sharing. Leah Pope, a traveler on the RMP 2017 Guatemala trip, represented Engineers Without Borders by teaching about the trip as well as facilitating an interactive activity. The activity used hydraulics and teamwork to get water from Boulder creek into small tanks more than 20 feet away. This helped to highlight the main takeaway lessons  from the travel team’s Guatemala trip, the importance of community and engineering principles. 

There were guests from Denver, Louisville, Loveland, Longmont, Costa Rica, Tanzania, and Boulder, including several EWB members, who helped to volunteer and participate. All the guests contributed to the day by interacting and participating in an exchange of ideas and movement. Participants attested that they had fun and learned from the multidisciplinary aspect of the day that brought together science and art.